Homeschool curriculum planning, uncluttered.

So, what are you doing for curriculum this year?

This is one of the most common questions for homeschool parents. But with the unique needs of every family and the specific learning styles of each student, the right answer can vary greatly. Rather than trial and error, what if you could glean help from others who have gone before you? And get help from thousands of others instead of just a few? What if curriculum selection could be fun instead of daunting?

When we choose to homeschool, we’re also choosing living rooms that actually get lived in, a full table—and a full sink, extra time with the kids, renegade art projects, and lots of trips to other places in the backyard.

At Agora, we understand that life is cluttered enough. After a chaotic day, the last thing you want to do is flip through books and create spreadsheets to prepare your kids’ curriculum. Agora is here to take one thing off your plate– we’re homeschool curriculum planning, uncluttered.

So, how does Agora work?

Tell us what you want.

Agora exists to help you customize your family’s curriculum to what makes sense for your learning styles, priorities, and beliefs. Whether you prefer Classical Conversations, Montessori style teaching, or anything in between, we'll help you organize and customize your curriculum to your kids’ needs. You'll start by sharing your kids’ ages, learning styles, and interests.

Find your resources.

Your answers will help us recommend the best options for you, gathering resources from across publishers, subjects, and age ranges in one place. Move from subject to subject with ease, and apply new books, textbooks, and resources to the plan for each child with one click. Once you’ve organized your resources into a customized curriculum, you can quickly purchase your resources from Amazon or another online retailer.

Build your plan.

Start selecting resources, and we’ll help you see your school year come together—highlighting any remaining gaps, recommending similar resources, and giving you a free downloadable PDF to save or share your plan.

Rest and relax.

And just like that, you’re finished planning next year’s homeschool curriculum. Now go get some rest!